Kids/Family Photo Session Information

In my opinion photographs of family are one of the most precious things we can do for ourselves. They can truly preserve what passes us by so quickly. They can also be challenging with youngsters, pets, reticent teenagers or whatever else we try to capture. I enjoy and welcome that challenge


My goal is to capture the true “spirit” and essence of people I photograph through unique and meaningful images.


Natural light, familiar, fun surroundings and comfortable clothes are key (especially for kids). I prefer to shoot outdoors whenever possible. Mornings and evenings are best for naturally beautiful light. Playgrounds, rivers, forests or backyards with some trees, garden area or other foliage are good bets. Anywhere that’s familiar and comfortable. We could float a river, go for a picnic or hike or I may just ask you to play with your kids in your favorite park or your back yard, any activity your family enjoys together and that evokes playfulness and joy.


With the holiday season (and cold, snowy weather) approaching, indoor shoots are definitely possible. Bright, sunny days as well as mornings and evenings are still best as I would want to use any available natural light. Venue requisites are generally the same…familiar and fun.


I’d also like to know what YOU want from the shoot. If you have a “vision” or some examples of shots you love please let me know. Try to envision what will capture the spirit and essence of your family at this very moment…whether it’s a place an activity or a particular “prop” or two. Dogs or other pets are always welcome! What can your family gather around and share that is meaningful to all of you at this point in your lives.


I like to spend some time getting to know you and your family prior to shooting. The more your youngsters are familiar with me, the more they’ll be able to “let loose” and play…and the better shots we’ll get. I will, when necessary, use a telephoto lens to give them (and you!) some space. Of course a lot depends on your kids and their particular personalities as well, some kids love to show off and have their pictures taken!


Make sure your little ones have eaten and please bring favorite snacks and drinks. Nothing grumpier (and less photogenic) than tired, hungry kids (trust me, I know!)


Bottom line…I’m very flexible and will do what is needed to ensure a successful and productive shoot and have fun! Even if that means postponing because of meltdowns or general grumpiness!


We can discuss particulars of dress on an individual basis but in general solid, contrasting colors work well. I like to grab pattern from our backgrounds. A brightly colored shirt with darker or neutral colored pants is great (I personally like a basic white t-shirt and blue jeans…maybe with a brightly colored cap or hat). Most importantly though, whatever you choose should be COMFORTABLE and able to get dirty!! You’re welcome to bring a change or two if you wish.


Looking forward to the opportunity to preserve some of your family’s precious, fleeting moments!




Mike Lum

CrossCurrent Images

Bozeman, MT