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Living, working and recreating in Montana lends a unique perspective to life. It’s messier here; a bit wilder, less scripted. Living nearer the land, getting dirty, maybe bloody from time to time. It builds callouses and character on bodies, hearts and souls. It’s a brand of toughness and independence found in few places.

It’s my life and my love. It’s what I’m passionate about and what I strive to capture. There is a place and time for studio shots. Then there’s life and family and emotion. There are the small, fleeting moments that make up the real fabric of our lives. Family is breathtaking, chaotic, unscripted and beautiful. These are the moments…the tender, crazy, tumultuous moments that contain the essence of family; the threads that bind our histories. These are the moments that I strive to capture and preserve; the fleeting, ephemeral moments of our lives.

I’ve worked and lived in Southwestern Montana for over two decades as a fishing guide, fly shop manager, hunter, angler, husband and dad. It’s been a breathtaking, chaotic, beautiful ride so far. Let me help preserve part of yours.

Mike Lum
CrossCurrent Images
Bozeman, MT